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Welcome photoWe are glad you stop by. At Progressive, we are striving to embodied that Spirit of community we believe is at the heart of Jesus proclamation and teachings about the coming kingdom of God.

Our hope is to try to convey this Spirit through our online presence. In sharing the tenets of what we declare as the faith principles guiding this online ministry, hopefully it will provide you with a greater sense of who we are as Progressive Baptist Church. [LEARN MORE]

Etiam nulla quam metus. Sed lacus mauris, pretium ac, sagittis luctus a, risus. Vulpu risus ailia mora. [OUR STAFF]
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In the month of June, July and August, "JUSTICE" will be the theme Progressive will be focusing on. We will seek to make the most of this rare but timely emphasis of our Sunday School literature publish through National Baptist Sunday School Publishing Board. June will focus on JUSTICE, Biblically defined; July will seek to zero in on JUSTICE, Enacted; and August we will seek to temper the heat of August focusing on JUSTICE Promised.

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06.17.13 - 07.26.13

Summer Enrichment Program in Partnership with Vanderbilt Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center

Monday thru Friday 9:00am - 2:30pm

09.15.13 - Joint Men and Women's Day Celebration

11.17.13 - 76th Church Anniversary.